Ghosts  February 18, 5pm at Tenri Cultural Institute (43 West 13th Street


Performers: David KaplanSonya BelayaBlair McMillenMikael DarmanieDaniel Anastasio and Erika Dohi

Description: This concert evokes supernatural beings, mythical creatures, and other-worldly environments. It will also feature works that reflect older traditions and composers, and reawaken old spirits. Music by Maurice Ravel, Frederic Rzewski, Caroline Shaw, Henry Cowell, Carl SchimmelPhyllis Chen, and an improvisatory work. This concert includes a commission (world premiere) by Carl Schimmel.

1913  March 25, 5pm at Greenwich House Music School (46 Barrow Street)


Performers:  Anne RainwaterMiri YampolskyDavid LinardDaniel Anastasio and Erika Dohi 

Description: This evening is devoted to the incredible variety and outpouring of compositions during the year 1913. From Schoenberg's new form of expression developing in his op. 19 piano pieces, to Stravinsky's monumental Rite of Spring (for two pianos on this concert), late Romanticism, the growth of Impressionism, and the creation of jazz, the aesthetic possibilities at this time are overwhelming. Music by Maurice Ravel, Alexander Scriabin, Arnold Schoenberg, Claude Debussy, Igor Stravinsky, and an improvisation inspired by one of the first documented jazz artists.

Ships of Theseus May 20, 5pm at The Jazz Gallery (1160 Broadway

Performers: Fabian AlmazanKris Davis, Jeremy Jordan, John StetchDaniel Anastasio and Erika Dohi

Description: This concert explores the idea of a transcription, and works or improvisations that are based on pre-existing themes, styles, and aesthetics: what’s added, what’s lost, and what remains of the original? Transcription has been an important compositional element for hundreds of years, but its meaning, purpose, and reception has changed with time. Music by Franz Liszt and original compositions and improvisations by John Stetch, Jeremy Jordan, Kris Davis, and Fabian Almazan. This concert includes a commission and world premiere by Kris Davis.


Our premiere concert on January 29, 2017. Through this program, listeners and performers will explore how a grand emotional work can unfold organically from one simple theme or musical motive. Each composer on the program imbues a simple concept with imaginative elements in order to carry it through a journey of its own. Guest artists include Jeremy Jordan, Joseph Liccardo and Lisa Moore, feature works by J. S. Bach, Johannes Brahms, Luciano Berio, Martin Bresnick and Leos Janacek. Art below, inspired by this specific program, drawn by PETER BRUUN.


Inspired by Jesse Jones' solo piano work 'Ephemera,' this concert highlights the transient and fleeting aspects of our nature, and aims to uncover beauty in the ephemeral qualities of our world. From Robert Schumann's emotionally scattered 'Allegro,' Chopin's brief and distinctive preludes, and a connective pairing of Brahms and Webern, to works by Morton Feldman, György Kurtág, a world premiere by Brooklynite Scott Wollschleger, and an improvisation by Glenn Zaleski, this concert reveals connections across centuries and celebrates newer works alongside traditional ones. Abstract artist Peter Bruun will again present six of his works inspired by the program, and these works will be auctioned off at the concert.This concert features pianists Daniel AnastasioTina DahlMikael DarmanieErika DohiYerin KimKarl Larson, and Glenn Zaleski.


Throughout the 20th century but even as far back as the French Baroque period, certain composers have expressed an extreme interest in cosmology (the stars, the planets, our place within the vast cosmos, and how music might connect us to other-worldly realms). From the music of Jean-Philippe Rameau to the mystic theosophist Alexander Scriabin, avant-garde composer Karlheinz Stockhausen, jazz visionary Sun Ra and living improviser-composers Wadada Leo Smith and Jonathan Ragonese (both world premieres), this program explores sounds and forms that deliver us far from our Earth. For this concert, BLUEPRINTS is honored to present guest pianists Sylvie Courvoisier, Taka Kigawa, Tristan McKay (presenting a world premiere by composer Leah Asher), and Shira Shaked.