Peter Bruun is at heart a figurative artist. From the late 1980’s through 2015, all of his abstract works (presented in a square format) had been based on self-portraiture: the works literally begin with mark-making from observing his face in the mirror, and then constellating those marks not to render faces, but rather an infinite variety of abstract, rounded forms. A figure against a ground. In 2016, in a radical shift in methodology, Bruun began making works based on figures in relationship, and he broke away from a square format. This has opened an entirely new vein for abstract exploration; more about relationship than identity.

Each work is $300 + $25 shipping and handling. Mr. Bruun is generously donating 2/3 of the proceeds to the piano series. See bottom for purchasing.

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Untitled 9: Pastel

Self-portrait 22" x 22" 1998 “Double images were an area of exploration for me: is this two forms, one against the other, or a single form of two colors? What is the dance of relationship? Little guides the outcome of my work—the work’s formal direction and resolution—so much as intuition and feeling; arriving when I know I’ve arrived, when the drawing is not asking for any changes to be made. When the work feels as it’s meant to be, fully born."