Peter Bruun is at heart a figurative artist. From the late 1980’s through 2015, all of his abstract works (presented in a square format) had been based on self-portraiture: the works literally begin with mark-making from observing his face in the mirror, and then constellating those marks not to render faces, but rather an infinite variety of abstract, rounded forms. A figure against a ground. In 2016, in a radical shift in methodology, Bruun began making works based on figures in relationship, and he broke away from a square format. This has opened an entirely new vein for abstract exploration; more about relationship than identity.

Each work is $300 + $25 shipping and handling. Mr. Bruun is generously donating 2/3 of the proceeds to the piano series. See bottom for purchasing.

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First Fracture (Sisters)

Self-portrait, charcoal, gesso, 18" x 11", 2016 “Part of the evening of music, art, food and love, this drawing is inspired by a story between sisters, who had an inexplicable falling-out, and yet upon randomly bumping into each other at a store one day, returned to their formerly loving sisterly relationship. Until this evening (in which the one sister shared her story with the audience, including her sister as her guest), they had never before spoken of the fracture. It was healing."